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Planning A Fundraiser-Start to Finish
Planning A Fundraiser-Start to Finish

Take your fundraiser from the Idea Stages to Payment Received!

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Running a Successful Fundraiser on the 99Pledges Platform:

  1. Create your fundraiser

  2. Customize your fundraiser

    • Log in as a fundraiser administrator:

    • Visit the Edit Details Tab to make any edits to the wording, image, dates, settings, url, and goals. - Always be sure to save your work as you go!

      • Add a photo or video to display on your main page

        • You can add a photo, .gif (rotating through multiple photos), or a video:

      • Enable (or disable) performance based pledges (i.e.- per lap, per minute). Read more on How Donations Work

      • Enable (or disable) the Participant Activity Tracker -this feature is great for having participants track their progress at home (most often used for tracking reading minutes during a Read-A-thon). Activity Tracker Details

      • Customize the backend of your fundraiser's url (this cannot be changed once a donation has been made or once an invitation has been sent):

      • Choose to hide (or not) your participant list. If this is enabled the standings/amount raised of your groups will show on your main fundraiser page as well as participant pages. If it is not enabled each participant and how much they have raised will be displayed.

      • "Participants receive email notifications" - This option is enabled by default, and we find fundraisers to perform their best (up to 30% more!) when this feature is enabled.

      • How To Enter Tax ID -this is great to do if you are a 501c3!

      • If you would like an image or flyer inserted into your description, please reach out to us in Customer Support.

  3. Add your participants by sending 99Pledges your spreadsheet of participants*

    *If your group cannot provide a roster, please see THIS ARTICLE for alternative options. We have 3 methods for creating participant pledge pages.

  4. Review your participant list, double check all info, then click the blue button on the Groups & Participants tab to "invite all participants to their page" . This will send an email to the participants with the link to their pledge page and a private link to edit their page. You can change the email, but please ensure to not change anything inside of the brackets (everything in the brackets is auto-generated and inserted from the system). *If you have reminders, turned on - reminders will be sent throughout the fundraiser (Reminder Intervals).

  5. Enjoy watching the donations start to roll in! You may visit the Overview Tab for some key and helpful stats. During your fundraiser, the following info may be helpful:

  6. Closing out your fundraiser & requesting payment

  7. Reporting

    • At any time you may view the Overview Tab as well as the Groups & Participants tab to view how much has been raised. Here are some EXAMPLES of reports available.

    • On the Groups & Participants Tab you can click "Export CSV File" at any time to download a spreadsheet of all participants, which group they are in, # of tracked units (if applicable), t-shirt size (if applicable), as well as how much they have raised.

      • If you find yourself needing assistance with manipulating the data in the spreadsheet to find the incentive levels for your prizes - please don't hesitate to reach out to Customer Support!

    • On the Donations Tab you may download a spreadsheet of all donors, to whom they donated, as well as the amount via "Download as CSV File".

      • If your group requires the total of funds raised for each participant minus the credit card fees (many travel teams and bands request this) please reach out to us in Customer Support and we can run that report for you.

    Click here for Sample Parent Announcements.

    Click here for Frequently Asked Questions & Resources.

    We're here if you have any questions πŸ™‚

    πŸ’¬ Live Chat - click the blue circle at the bottom right

    You can also always email or call us

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