Once your fundraiser has ended, you will see the banner shown in the screenshot that says "Your fundraiser has ended. There are some participants that need you to set their # completed units." Please follow the instructions in this article to then be able to request payment.

You only need to enter results for participants with per-minute pledges (or your selected performance-based pledge) and NOT for participants with no donations or only flat donations.

Please make sure you are entering the correct amount for each participant as it locks in and cannot be changed afterwards. Once you accept or enter results, the donors that made performance-based pledges will be automatically charged. Also, participants won't be able to update their activity tracker.

Please Note:

There is no cap. This means that while you may have an estimate of 60 minutes, if you accept or enter a number higher than '60', donors will be charged their pledge times the number you accept or enter in the "Minutes" column. For instance, let's say the estimate is 60 minutes and the participant reads 100 minutes. If you don’t want to charge anyone more than 60 minutes read, you would just enter in '60'.


Donor makes a $2 per-minute pledge to Timmy - If you accept or enter '60' for 60 minutes read by Timmy, then that donor will be charged $120. OR if you enter '1,300' for 1,300 minutes read, that donor will be charged $2,600.

View Minutes column in the Groups & Participants tab

No Number

  • If no number appears, that means no minutes have been entered into the tracker by the participant.

Gray Number

  • This is the running total of minutes that the participant has entered.

  • You, as the Admin, have not accepted the minutes entered yet, so participants will still be able to update their minutes.

  • Any per-minute pledge donors have not been charged.

Black Bold Number

  • This means minutes have been accepted/finalized, this cannot be reversed or changed by any one (you, as the Admin, nor a 99Pledges rep).

  • Any per-minute pledge donors have been charged and the participants/parents will no longer be able to update their tracker.

*Very Important: Once you accept or enter the number of minutes, this locks in the number and it cannot be reversed. The system takes that number and charges any donors that made per-minute pledges. Also, the parent/participant won’t be able to update their minutes.

We recommend to manually accept or enter results for each participant with the red dot icon. Avoid using the "Accept all tracked" button as it will automatically enter 0 for any participant that has a per-minute pledge but has not entered any minutes into their tracker.

Here's how to accept or enter minutes to finalize and charge per-minute pledge donors:

  1. Go to the Groups & Participants tab.

  2. Sort the participants by clicking on the "Minutes" column.

  3. Accept or enter number of minutes for each participant with a red dot icon.

  4. The system will automatically start charging any per-minute pledge donors.

For participants that have a red dot with gray number, you can accept the number by clicking the pencil icon and clicking "Accept Tracked Units" OR manually override by entering a number. In the screenshot above, this would be John (with 60 minutes) and Kenny (with 130 minutes).

Make sure to look carefully through the minutes entered by participants with the red dot icon. You will want to override any minutes that don't seem realistic or else you will overcharge any per-minute pledge donors.

For participants that have a red dot without a number, it is at your discretion how to handle participants who didn't track their minutes. You can reach out to them to get their minutes or you can enter "0". If you enter "0", any per-minute pledge donors will not be charged. In the 1st screenshot above, this would be Charles.

Read more about the Tracker: Read-a-thon Tracker Details

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