How do donations work on 99Pledges?

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Donating on 99Pledges is Easy Breezy

Traditionally, you have your donors pull out their checkbook, envelope, and stamp to mail a donation. 99Pledges helps you make it hassle-free for them with an easy & secure online donation while they sit in the comfort of their home (Oh, and by the way.. our records show that donation amounts are 25% higher compared to cash/check).

Also, pledge pages are mobile-friendly, so they can make a quick donation while waiting in line at their local grocery store.

After donating, 99Pledges will automatically send a 'thank you' note and receipt to the donor (if you are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, you can include your organization's Tax ID in the receipt so that donors can claim their donation as tax deductible). Click here to learn how to enter Tax ID.

You, as the Admin, will be able to see each individual donation received in real-time and you'll be able track how much each participant & group raised within your 99Pledges account.

Flat Donations vs Performance-Based Pledges

Flat Donations:

Donors will be able to donate online using credit card, PayPal, ApplePay, or GooglePay by giving a simple flat donation. This can be any amount such as $20, $30, $60, $100, etc.

To keep things simple, by default, donors always have the option to do a flat donation. Any flat donations are charged right away.

If you are only accepting flat donations, then you want to make sure the box in the image below is unchecked in the "Edit Details" tab.

Performance-Based Pledges:

Along with flat donations, you can turn on an option for donors to make a performance-based pledge (e.g. $2 per-lap for Fun Run, $1.50 per-minute for Read-a-thon, $3 per-hit for Baseball Hit-a-thon, $4 per-shot for Basketball Shoot-a-thon, etc).

For performance-based pledges, these are charged when you (as the Admin) enter the results for the participants (once the event or activity has been completed).

If you're looking to add the performance-based pledge as an option, then make sure it is turned on your campaign by checking the following box in the "Edit Details" tab.

You will have to enter an estimate number of units that participants will complete, so the donor has an idea of how much they will be charged. If you have Groups on your page, you will enter this estimate in the "Groups & Participants" tab.

*Please Note: There is no cap. This means that while you may have an estimate of 60 minutes, if you enter a number higher than '60', donors will be charged their pledge times the number you enter.

Examples for Performance-Based Pledges:

Let's say Grandma makes a $2 per-minute pledge to Timmy. During the Read-a-thon, Timmy reads a total of 60 minutes. You would enter '60' as Timmy's results and then Grandma will be charged $120.

As the coordinator, you don't need to go back to Grandma and tell her that she owes $120. 99Pledges will automatically charge her credit card when you enter the results.

Here are other examples for different types of fundraisers and per-"unit" pledges:


- Fun Run: $5 per-lap pledge x 25 laps = $125 total donation

- Read-a-thon: $1.50 per-minute pledge x 50 minutes = $75 total donation


- Baseball Hit-a-thon: $3 per-hit pledge x 20 hits = $60 total donation

- Basketball Shoot-a-thon: $10 per-shot pledge x 8 shots made = $80 total donation

Music Groups

- Music Practice-a-thon: $2 per-hour pledge x 15 hours practiced = $30 total donation

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