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How do you enter results?

Results can be entered from the Groups & Participants tab

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Entering Results

Once your fundraiser has ended, you will see the banner shown in the screenshot that says "Your fundraiser has ended. There are some participants that need you to set their # completed units." Please follow the instructions in this article to then be able to request payment.

You only need to enter results for participants with performance-based pledges (e.g. per-lap, per-minute, etc.) and not for participants with no donations or only flat donations.

Please make sure you are entering the correct amount for each participant as it locks in and cannot be changed afterwards. Once results are entered, the donors that made performance-based pledges will be automatically charged.ย 

*Please Note: There is no cap nor maximum. This means that while you may have an estimate of 60 minutes, if you enter a number higher than '60', donors will be charged their pledge times the number you enter in the "# Completed" column. For instance, let's say the estimate is 60 minutes and the participant reads 100 minutes. If you donโ€™t want to charge anyone more than 60 minutes read, you would just enter in '60'.


Donor makes a $2 per-minute pledge to Timmy - If you enter '60' for 60 minutes read by Timmy, then that donor will be charged $120. OR if you enter '1,300' for 1,300 minutes read, that donor will be charged $2,600.

To enter results:

  1. Log into your Admin account at

  2. Go to the Groups & Participants tab.

  3. Sort Participants by clicking the "# Completed" column, this will show you every participant that has received performance-based pledge (shows a red dot).

  4. Enter results for any participant with a red dot icon.

Note: The "# Completed" column will be named according to to the unit that you are measuring, such as Laps, Minutes, Hits, Shots, etc. If you are accepting per-minute pledges, for example, the column will be called "Minutes".

Performance-based pledges are already factored into the total raised based on the estimate # of units completed that you set at the start of the fundraiser. Therefore, your total raised may go up, down, or stay the same after entering the results.

After entering results and the fundraiser has ended, you will be able to request payment.

If you are using the Activity Tracker / Reading Minutes Tracker, here is more detailed article on how to finalize results: Accepting and Finalizing Minutes with Tracker

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