How do we enter cash/checks?

You can enter cash/checks for free in the Donations tab

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Entering Cash/Checks

There are no fees on cash/checks. You are able to add all cash/check donations for free.

This will help you track all donations as you can add a cash/check donation directly to an existing participant or your main campaign (e.g. a check from a business sponsorship).

As a reminder, 99Pledges is Free to use. The only fee is the credit card transaction fee charged by the credit card companies.

To enter cash/check donations:

  1. Log into your Admin account at

  2. Go to the Donations tab.

  3. Click "Add Cash/Check Donation".

We understand accepting cash/checks is another option to give donors, but we recommend strongly encouraging donors to first use the platform to make a donation. There are many benefits to having all donors make their donation through 99Pledges:

  • Donors give 25% more online than through cash/check (well above the ~3% processing fees charged by PayPal/Visa/MC/Amex)

  • Donors can see goals and standings which motivates them to donate more (potentially even multiple times)

  • Donors can easily spread the word through the one-click sharing buttons

  • And finally, the biggest benefit we'd say, it's a lot easier on you (as the Admins) to manage and track

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