Fundraisers close at 11:59pm PT (midnight) on your set End Date.

Once it closes, you'll be prompted to enter your results (if applicable) and request payment, where you'll enter your check payee name/address. 

We will then initiate payment within 1 business day. 

Following that, you should expect to receive your check in about 7 to 10 business days via USPS. The delivery time can be affected by holidays, weather conditions, and other typical delays to mail.

NEW FEATURE: You can now request direct deposit instead of a check by mail. You will see the option to enter your bank information, when you request payment. Electronic bank transfers take about 3-4 business days after being sent.

The "request payment"  button will appear in the Edit Fundraiser page when your fundraiser has ended and you've entered results (if applicable):

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