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How to close a fundraiser at any time
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Fundraisers automatically close at 11:59pm (midnight) on your set End Date and set timezone. You can select your desired time zone in the Edit Details tab by clicking "change time zone".

After it closes, donors will no longer be able to make online donations. As the Admin, you can continue to add cash/check donations.

Currently, there is no way to automatically close a fundraiser at a specific time.

You can, however, manually force close a fundraiser at any time. Here's how:

You will need to enter the prior date to today's date. Let's say you want to close the fundraiser right now at 1:10pm Pacific Time on 06/06/2024. You would manually type using your keyboard into the "End Date" field the date "06/05/2024".

Other examples:

If today is 09/30/2024 --> type in "09/29/2024"

If today is 11/01/2024 --> type in "10/31/2024"

If today is 03/19/2025 --> type in"03/18/2025"

Note: You cannot click the date from the calendar pop-up because the day before the current date (so if today is 06/06/2024) will be blocked (06/05/2024). You must type in the date using your keyboard.

Then press "Save Fundraiser".

Now, if you click on "Preview Fundraiser", you should see that the donation buttons are replaced by a message that says "This Fundraiser Has Ended".

You can always reach out to our support team - - for help.

What are the next steps after my fundraiser is closed? Learn more here.

Looking to extend your fundraiser? You can extend as long as you have not requested payment. Simply change the End Date to your new desired date and click "Save".

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