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Virtual 'a-thon' Fundraisers for Sports & Music Groups
Virtual 'a-thon' Fundraisers for Sports & Music Groups

Make any fundraiser completely virtual & social-distancing friendly

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Virtual 'a-thon' Fundraisers for Sports & Music Groups

99Pledges runs thousands of successful fundraisers every year.

Now more than ever, we're seeing groups adapt their annual "a-thon" fundraisers to be 100% virtual. They encourage participants to do activities at home safely (social distancing) while raising much needed funds for their organization.

Our platform has made this possible for schools, sports leagues/teams, music groups & more in all 50 states in the US. We invite you to join the 99Pledges family to see these game-changing results for yourself and your organization!

We make it super easy on you (as the coordinator), your participants/parents, and your donors. Each participant will have their own online pledge page (we set up in minutes) that can easily be shared by email, Facebook, Twitter, and text message. This makes it simple for family & friends to support them (which often doubles or triples the amount raised).

We're sure your first question will be, "How much does this all cost?", so let's settle that now: 99Pledges is Free. $0 Startup costs. 0% Platform fee. No Contracts.

Go here if you're looking for a School Fundraising version of this article.

Adapt Your Fundraiser to be Completely Virtual

These are just examples to get you started. We would love for you to take these ideas and build upon them to make them your very own!

Also, see below for a look into a few of the groups we've worked with.

At the end of the day, the focus is to get participants active and engaged whether that's physically and/or mentally.

Sport Fundraisers can be done during practice (if possible) or done safely at home (around neighborhood). We've worked with all types of organizations such as Large Associations, Little Leagues, Youth Recreational & Club/Academy Sports, High Schools, Universities, and more.

  • ⚾️ Baseball & πŸ₯Ž Softball Virtual Hit-a-thons: Players get 10 pitches at their local park or outdoor batting cage and count the number of hits.

  • πŸ€ Basketball Virtual Shoot-a-thons: Players get 10 free-throws at their local outdoor hoop/court and count the number of shots made.

  • ⚽️ Soccer & πŸ₯ Lacrosse Virtual Goal-a-thons: Players get 10 shots in front of a goal at their local park and count number of goals scored.

  • 🏐 Volleyball & 🎾 Tennis Virtual Serve-a-thons: Players get 10 serves at their local outdoor court and count successful serves.

  • 🏈 Football & πŸ‹οΈβ€β™€οΈ Wrestling Lift-a-thons can become Push-Up-a-thons: At home, participants count the number of push-ups they can do in 60 seconds.

  • πŸ₯‡ Cheer, Gymnastics, & Dance Team Fundraisers can become Sit-Up-a-thons: At home, participants count the number of sit-ups they can do in 60 seconds.

🎡 Music Fundraisers such as Band-a-thons can become Virtual Practice-a-thons, where you encourage musicians to practice at home as much as possible. We've worked with High School Music Groups (such as Marching Band Boosters), Performing Art Centers, Choirs, Orchestras and many more.

You can read more about these fundraisers on our Fundraising Ideas Page.

Want to keep it super simple? We can set you up with a Virtual Pledge Drive.

Making Donations Through 99Pledges is Easy Breezy

Traditionally, you have your supporters pull out their checkbook, envelope, and stamp to mail a donation. We help you make it hassle-free for them with an easy & secure online donation while they sit in the comfort of their home (Oh, and by the way.. our records show supporters donate 25% more through an online donation as opposed to cash/check).

Also, pledge pages are mobile-friendly, so they can make a quick donation while waiting in line at their local grocery store.

Supporters will be able to donate online by giving a flat donation (e.g. $30, $60, $100, etc.). And depending on the type of fundraiser, you can enable an option for supporters to also make a performance-based pledge (e.g. $2 per-hit for Hit-a-thon, $3 per-shot for Shoot-a-thon, $5 per-goal for Goal-a-thon, $8 per-hour for Practice-a-thon, etc).

After donating, they will automatically receive a thank you note and receipt (if you are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, you can include Tax ID in the receipt).

Here's a sample of what your virtual fundraising process could look like:

  1. Set up your fundraiser page with 99Pledges for free.

  2. Announce the fundraiser to participants/parents (without pressuring to participate)

  3. Watch your donations roll in!

  4. During your virtual event, have families email pictures & videos that you'll post on your organization's website or have them post on your community page (e.g. Facebook Group Page).

  5. You get paid!

Our Sports Teams

Redondo Sunset Youth Baseball and Softball League

  • The past 3 years we've worked with them for their Hit-a-thons.

  • This year, they held a pledge drive fundraiser to donate 500+ meal kits and $50 grocery gift cards to local families whose lives have been affected by Covid-19.

  • Worked with sponsors (local restaurants and bakeries) to assemble the meal kits.

Newark Little League

  • Raised $17K with a Hit-a-thon.

  • Volunteer-run organization that provides access to recreational baseball to over 400 kids, ages 4-12.

  • Using funds to address normal operating costs and help offset additional costs due to the state guidelines.

Akron High School Football

  • More than doubled their 2019 fundraiser by raising $7,761.

  • Since they couldn't access the weight room together, they changed their annual Lift-a-thon to be an at-home Push-Up-a-thon.

  • Players did as many push-ups as possible in 3 minutes.

Our Music Groups

Centre Stage Monrovia

  • Held first-ever Virtual Musical Marathon through a Live Facebook Watch Party since they could not hold their annual carnival.

  • Participants performed solos, duets, and virtual choirs for live audience of friends and family.

Langham Creek High School Band

  • Held a Band-a-thon to raise funds for music arrangements, choreography, marching show/winter guard show props/equipment, and much more.

South Pasadena Middle School Music Boosters

  • Raised $10K with a Practice-a-thon.

  • Supporters made per-hour pledges to motivate band members to practice as much as possible.

Other Groups:

  • NCN Cycling Association raised $23K to help support vital staff, a library program, technology needs (Chromebooks) for their local elementary school.

  • International Futbol Club of MS held their 3rd Goal-a-thon with us & raised $32K.

  • Minnesota Dance Theatre raised $15K with a simple virtual pledge drive.

  • NP3 Dance Team held a Sit-Up-a-thon combining for a total of 4,999 sit-ups to raise over $19K.

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