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Can you add my participants for me?
Can you add my participants for me?
Yes, we only need a few items in an Excel file
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Yes, we'd be happy to help add your participants. We only need these few items in an Excel or CSV file:

  1. Participant Name (first name and last initial is okay)

  2. Up to two Emails (e.g. participant, mom, dad, and/or guardian)

  3. Group (optional - examples are grade, teacher, team, etc.)

Including groups allows you to organize participants so that you can track both how much each participant raised and each group as well.

Please don't provide any other information in your file. All we need is these columns Name, Email, Email2, and Group.


  • Excel or CSV

  • All participants on 1 tab, 1 sheet, 1 file only

  • One row per participant

  • Four columns: Name, Email (participant/parent), Email2 (parent/guardian), Group (optional)

The file above has the participants grouped by teacher.

*Note: We take privacy extremely seriously. We do not market to or sell your participant information. Read more here: Email Security

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