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Add, Edit, Delete Individual Participants
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Making changes in the Groups & Participants tab.

*NOTE: If you are just getting started and need help uploading a list of participants, we can help you! Read more here: Upload List of Participants

This article is meant for after you've started your fundraiser.

You can quickly make changes to individual participants. You can add, edit, and delete individual participants under the Groups & Participants tab in your Admin account.

You can also resend an invitation to a specific participant.

Add a New Individual Participant:

Go to the bottom of the Groups & Participants tab > enter name & emails in the blank spaces, select group > click "Save".

Add or Update an Email Address for an existing participant:

Search for the participant name > update the current email or add a 2nd email > press "enter" on your keyboard to update.

Send or Resend the Invitation Email to an existing participant:

Click the pencil icon > click "Invite to their page" > click "Send".

Delete a Participant:

Click the pencil icon > click "Delete".

Note: Participants with donations cannot be deleted.

Edit a Participant's Fundraising Goal:

Click the pencil icon > click "Edit Goal" > enter number for new goal > click "Save".

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