How to send a custom email reminder to participants
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Custom Email Reminder

We automatically send email reminders to participants as the fundraiser comes to an end. Participants receive 3 to 4 reminders, you can see the messages and intervals here:

You can turn off the automated email reminders by unchecking the box that says "Participants receive email notifications" in the Edit Details tab.

You could also have the automated email reminders turned on and send your own custom reminders as well.

How To Send Reminder

Instructions to send an email reminder to all participants:

  1. Go to the Groups & Participants tab.

  2. At the bottom of that page, click on the "Invite All Participants To Their Page" button.

  3. This will bring up the original invitation message that was sent out at launch.

  4. Delete the message and enter your new message.

  5. Click "Send".

*Quick note: Any edits are not saved in the message box, so make sure to make the edits and send out the email at the same time.

Important: Leave this exact wording in the message to send their pledge page--

"Here's your page (SHARE this with others by email, text message, and Facebook!):


The system automatically generates their unique pledge page link where it has the brackets. Pledge page link brackets must be typed out exactly the same as - {{participant_page_url}} - if you delete a bracket or enter a space within the brackets, it will not work.

Other brackets you could use to further personalize the email--

First Name of the Participant - {{first_name}}

Private Profile Link - {{manage_participant_url}}

  • This link is where participants can add a photo to their page

  • If you have the activity tracker turned on, they can track their minutes for Read-a-thons.

How to Send Test Email

Before sending the reminder to all participants, you can send a test email to yourself to make sure your reminder looks good.

First, add yourself as a participant in the Groups & Participants with your email address. OR if you have a participant/child in the fundraiser with your email address, then you can test with that existing participant.

Instructions to send a test email:

  1. Go to the Groups & Participants tab.

  2. Search for the existing participant or newly created participant.

  3. Scroll over the name of this participant and click on the pencil icon that appears to the right.

  4. Click "Invite to their Page" and click "Send".

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