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Admin Account Email Management

How to choose the best email address for your campaign & why it is important!

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99Pledges Fundraiser Administrator Accounts are associated with one email address only. Extra Admin emails cannot be added.

You may find the need to collaborate with a trusted co-chairperson or assistant and would like them to be able to log in as well. We have found the best solution is to utilize an email and password that you do not mind sharing with that trusted person(s).

Having a shared Gmail/email that you use in your organization is the best way for all your trusted team members to access the 99Pledges platform.

How to change your account name as well as email/password:

1) Log in to your 99Pledges account with your email and password.

2) Click on “Manage” and then “Profile”.

3) You may now enter your preferred organization name as well as account email/password.

4) Click “Save”.

The password will always show as 6 black dots even if your password is longer than 6 characters.

**Please Note- When invitations are sent, the Account Name is shown.

(Pictured below):

(you may view this screen by navigating to the Groups and Participants tab, and then clicking the blue “invite participants to their page” button. **Do not click “send” unless you truly wish to send a message!**)

Troubleshooting Suggestions:

  • “I only have a personal email address…I don’t want to share that with a team member”

    • Solution- create a new Gmail address (or any email service that you prefer) just for your parent group in general, for fundraising, or even this event in particular

    • Link to how to create a new Gmail account:

    • You can then transfer that Gmail account to the next chairperson in the future! All of your 99Pledges data and stats will be saved from year to year.

  • “My group name shows twice at the bottom of our invites/reminders…how do we fix that?”

    • If you encounter this issue…you can fix this by making sure that the name under your profile is not the same as your “Organization Name” of your fundraiser (on the edit details tab). (suggested is to use the the group name (i.e.-Riverside PTO) as the profile account name and your school as the fundraiser organization name (i.e.-Riverside Elementary)

It will then appear as:

Please note- When invitations are sent out they will appear in your participant's inbox as coming from If a participant/family were to reply it would be sent to your account email address.

While it may take a little extra time to set up a new email address for your fundraising team…your future self will thank you when it is a breeze to simply hand off the email login to the next chairperson upon your retirement!

If you need any assistance along the way, never hesitate to reach out to

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