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FAQ: Getting Started
What are the next steps?
What are the next steps?

I've received a sample what?

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Now that you've received a sample campaign, what are the next steps?Β 

  1. Log in to your 99Pledges account with your email and password.

  2. Make any edits to the URL, wording, image, end date, settings, and goals.

  3. Add your participants (We're happy to help with uploading).

  4. Launch your fundraiser by clicking "Invite All Participants to Their Page" from the Groups & Participants tab. You'll be able to edit the message before sending.Β 

Click here for Participant Information to Upload.

Click here for Sample Parent Announcements.

Click here for Frequently Asked Questions & Resources.Β 

We're here if you have any questions πŸ™‚

πŸ’¬ Live Chat - click the blue circle at the bottom right

You can also always email or call us

πŸ“ž (855) 997-5334

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