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How do I customize my participant pledge page?
How do I customize my participant pledge page?

Through a special link in your invitation email

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If your campaign coordinator added your email address to the fundraiser, you will receive a personal invitation email with a link to your participant pledge page (be sure to check your spam folder).ย 

OR if you added yourself or your child to the fundraiser, then you should have received an invitation email afterward. In that email, there will be a special link for you to customize your pledge page.

No login or password is necessary.

Here's what it looks like. Instead of {{manage_participant_url}}, your link will appear there:


Hereโ€™s your private profile management page (Do NOT share this with anyone!):


* Upload a profile picture

* Share by email and text message


Once you click on that special link, it will open your private Manage Participant page where you can:

  • Add a profile picture.

  • Change your fundraising goal.

  • Change your performance estimate (if performance-based pledges are enabled for the fundraiser).

  • Change your participant message.

Through this special link, depending if your fundraiser Admin enabled the features to track "a-thon" activity (such as reading minutes) and collect T-Shirt Size, you will also be able to submit that information.

T-Shirt Size tab will provide you with a dropdown menu to submit your T-Shirt Size.

Track tab will allow you to enter your progress for the activity that your fundraiser is tracking. This is most commonly used for Read-a-thon to track minutes read every day for a 2-3 week period.

If you don't see these tabs, then that means it was not enabled by your fundraiser Admin.


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