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How to collect participant T-Shirt Size
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Participants/Parents can now enter their participant's T-Shirt Size directly on 99Pledges. We do not have any logins nor passwords for participants (to make things simple), so they must click on a special link in the invitation email.

*Very Important: The special link can ONLY be sent if you set up your fundraiser using EmailMe or AddMe described here: Fundraiser Participant Set-Up

FindMe setup will NOT be able to collect T-Shirt Sizes.

Here is how it looks for a participant after accessing their special link:

These are the T-Shirt Size options (this list cannot be changed):

Download T-Shirt Size Report

As the Admin, you can download a report showing all the participants' T-Shirt sizes that have been submitted so far.

Go to the Groups & Participants tab and click "Export CSV file" to see the report.

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