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How to combine duplicate participants that have donations
How to combine duplicate participants that have donations
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If there is a duplicate participant page with $0 in donations, then you can just delete the duplicate page by searching for the participant name in the Groups & Participants tab. Then, click the pencil icon and click "Delete".

You won't be able to delete the participant page if it has donations.

Technically, there isn't a way to merge different participant pledge pages, but the concept here is moving donations from any duplicate participant pages to the main participant page. So once the duplicate pages have $0, we can delete them.

Here's how to do it:

First add a number "2" to the name of the duplicate participant in the Groups & Participants tab.

For example, we have two pages for the participant named "Carter McGlynn", one with $100 and one with $30. For the duplicate page with $30, we can change the name to "Carter McGlyyn2" as shown below.

Groups & Participants Tab:

Now, we want to move the $30 on McGlynn2 to McGlynn, then delete the duplicate page "McGlynn2".

Donations Tab:

Navigate to the Donations tab and search for "McGlynn2" to find the donations. Looks like there was only 1 donation for $30 by lawrence mcglynn.

To search the Donations tab, press command+f (mac) or ctrl+f (windows).

Click "Reassign Donation" and move the donation from McGlynn2 to McGlynn

Then click Save.

Go back to the Groups & Participants tab (make sure to refresh the tab) to double check the money has been moved, McGlynn should now have $130 and McGlynn2 should have $0.

Finally, you can delete McGlynn2 by clicking the pencil icon and clicking "delete".


If you need further help, just let us know!



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