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How to track emails sent by participants
How to track emails sent by participants
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If a participant/parent sends an email or text through their own email/phone provider it CANNOT be tracked by our system.

Same goes for posting on social media, our system has no way to track if they posted on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

The one-click share buttons shown above "Facebook - Twitter - Email" are meant for an easy and quick way to share their pages and get donations. However, if they use these buttons the system CANNOT track if they clicked and shared using those buttons.

How To Track

This is only possible if your fundraiser is set up as EmailMe or AddMe. More info on Set Ups

The parents/participants will receive an invitation email after you launch (EmailMe) or after they add themselves to the fundraiser (AddMe).

This invitation email will have the link to their pledge page. In that same email, there will also be a special private link for them to upload a photo and add emails/phone numbers of potential donors.

Note: If they cannot find the email, make sure they check their spam folder. You can also resend the email only to the parent/participant that is requesting it.

Here's what it looks like. Instead of {{manage_participant_url}}, the link will appear there:


Hereโ€™s your private profile management page (Do NOT share this with anyone!):


* Upload a profile picture

* Share by email and text message


Once they click on that special private link, it will open their Manage Participant page where they can add a photo and enter email addresses / phone numbers.

An email / text message is automatically sent with the link to their participant pledge page after the information is submitted. This wording cannot be customized/changed.

The system will track how many emails/numbers they add to their private management page. On the above screenshot, this would count as 3 invitations sent.

How to See the Invitations Count

When you click "Export CSV file" in the Groups & Participants tab, this downloads a report of all participant information. You'll be able to see how many emails/phone numbers they've added - the column on the report is called "Invitations Count".

Below is an example report, we can see Charles has the most invitations sent with 15 and next is Ellie with 10 invitations.

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