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How do Corporate Matching Programs work?
How do Corporate Matching Programs work?

How to assist your donors so that they can double their donation!

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What is a corporate matching or company matching program?

Many employers offer matching programs so that they can give back and support local nonprofits that are important to their employees.

How it works:

The employee checks with their employer or HR department to see what the rules are for the matching program. The employee makes a donation online via 99Pledges, submits the donation in accordance with their company’s policy, and then the company will make their donation to the non-profit (often doubling the effect of the employee’s donation!).

How Fundraiser Coordinators can Promote Matching Programs:

Parents and donors are often unaware that their employer offers a matching program-so be sure to remind them! On your flyers and communication with families it is well worth it to give them a simple reminder.

Sample wording to families:

“Don’t forget to ask your employer if they have a company matching program! Many employers have programs where they will match your donation. You simply make a donation, follow your company’s submission process, and they will make a donation to OUR GROUP NAME”.

It may be helpful to list some of the larger employers in your area that you have found to have matching programs.

For Example:

“Did you know that the following companies offer matching programs? Be sure to ask your employer!:

  • Avery Dennison

  • Cleveland Cliffs, LLC

  • Cintas Corporation

  • First Energy Corp.

  • Medical Mutual of Ohio

  • Progressive

  • The Lubrizol Corporation

You may also wish to include contact information if the company requires a formal receipt (often on your group letterhead). Typically your treasurer or your fundraiser coordinator is the best contact.

It is suggested that you communicate with families and let them know to contact your group if they are submitting for a corporate match so that their child can get “credit” for the fundraiser. Please keep in mind that it will often take longer than your fundraiser is running for a large company to get a check to your organization.

It is up to your group how you would like to handle the “credit” for the student. The fundraiser coordinator is able to enter it as a cash/check donation if your group chooses to do so. Please click here for How To Enter Cash/Checks

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