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HREF & 99Pledges

Hear from the team at HREF and how they raised more money than ever before

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HR Education Foundation experience with 99Pledges

Highland Ranch Education Foundation (HREF) reached out to us to help bring their fundraiser event online for the first time. Prior to fundraising with 99Pledges, they handled everything by hand and accepted only cash/check donations.

Over the 4 weeks that they ran their 99Pledges campaign, HREF ended up raising more money than ever before, while virtually eliminating the administrative burden of having to collect and track donations. Usually, the theory goes that 'more work equals a higher reward', but in this case, 'less work equals a much higher reward'. Win-Win!

What's so exciting about this group is that they raised $32K with only 31% of families participating. Given the circumstances of 2020, it's understandable why a large percentage of families did not participate. In future years they should see the amount raised reach new highs year over year.

Read about the coordinator's experience with us below!

"I have been thrilled and grateful for [your service] and the 99Pledges platform from the pre-planning stages until now, when we are only dollars away from our goal.

THANK YOU! We have collected as much (possibly more when it's all said and done) through the 99Pledges platform than we had, as in past years, invested the hours and hours of in person solicitation, counting checks, printing envelopes, sending receipts, compiling data, creating spreadsheets, etc...

We were spared too many volunteer hours to count, the value of which is immeasurable. The functionality and ease of the platform far exceeded my expectations, and quite honestly that of the Foundation board's. As long as I chair the fall fundraiser, I will be using 99Pledges and I am almost certain chairs of other campaigns will do the same.

I cannot thank you enough for making my first ever fundraiser a roaring success.

The board wasn't expecting a huge collection given that:

  1. Many families may have lost their jobs at some point during the year or because families may be conservative due to the economic uncertainty.

  2. That we were going 100% virtual. We still passed out flyers, but I honestly believe those printed papers were barely glanced at and promptly thrown out.

You all have been instrumental in my sanity AND the success of our campaign. So, yes, I think it's safe to say that we are happy with fundraising with 99Pledges :) "

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

- Tina, HREF in California


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