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"I love 99Pledges because it helped me increase our Read-a-thon fundraising by more than double what we had been raising in previous years. Going electronic with pledge collection was a huge benefit. the website increases competition between parents and classes, in addition to making it easier to collect funds for the parents running the Read-a-thon. The folks at 99Pledges are incredibly helpful and responsive - at all times of the day and week. I have used 99Pledges 3 years in a row and would not go back to the paper form, nor to any other company providing this service. 

Before this we raised in the low $20Ks.”

- Lynn Kuo, Yu Ming Charter School, Oakland CA

“St. John School started using 99Pledges as a way to reduce the number of volunteer hours spent processing pledges and donations made to our students in support of our annual Jog-a-thon. What a difference 99Pledges has made! The set-up of our Jog-a-thon homepage is quick and simple and each student is able to reach a greater number of supporters by email or social media and 99Pledges makes it so easy for supporters to make their pledge online with a credit card. As a result, our Jog-a-thon raised 65% more money with 99Pledges.

- Julie Skinner, St. John School, Seattle WA

"I’m floored by how much we raised for our organization.  I didn’t expect the results we did but nonetheless we have you guys to thank. 99Pledges was very simple to use and I was amazed, after the fundraiser launched, at how easy was to track the progress of our fundraiser. Thanks again and looking forward to working with you guys in the future."

- Wayne Martin, GNCY Basketball Association, Gray ME

“Three years ago, my partner found 99Pledges for our elementary school Jog-a-thon fundraiser. The use of their online system has created enthusiasm and momentum each year and allowed us to provide transparency to our school community we would not have been able to achieve otherwise.  In short, we LOVE 99Pledges and enthusiastically recommend them. While there are other companies out there providing a similar product, the big difference is the level of customer service we've received 3 years and counting. Simply put, they have our loyalty because each year they earn it!”

- Stacy McConnell, Jerabek Elementary, San Diego CA

"Last year’s Hit-a-thon raised $16,000, making it the most successful fundraiser in the history of our league. 99Pledges made it super easy on everyone involved, and I can't recommend them enough.

- Alison Omoto, Evergreen Little League, San Jose CA

"Thanks to 99Pledges, proceeds from our annual Fund Run went from $11,300 to more than $23,000 - an all time high for any event at our school!  The portal was easy to use and their customer service team were a huge help, and quick to respond to any of the questions we had.  We also appreciated not having to chase down donations, post event with 100% pledge fulfillment!  We are looking forward to using them again for our Read-A-Thon in the spring. 

I highly recommend them to any school!"

- Mark Chiarucci, Rheem Elementary School, Moraga CA


Other Customer Comments

"I am already thrilled with this method and have easily forwarded it to Benji's relatives, all of whom live out-of-state and wouldn't otherwise be asked to pledge. Well done."

"This is such a great fundraising website!  I will definitely use it again in the future.  So Easy!  Thanks for everything."

"Once the season is over, I can work with you directly on some referrals with the little leagues in our school district, football leagues with Pop Warner and PAL, soccer and a few other items."

"This should be great exposure for 99Pledges since many of the donors/participants are nonprofit board/execs.  The easy to use interface has been a real plus - I will definitely recommend you guys!  Thanks for everything."

"I will definitely send you some referrals and we will do this again next year."

"There is always fundraising going on in my area so I will definitely give you referrals as it comes up. I wish I could give you something right now but I think this seems like the tail end of fundraising season around here."

"Thank you again for the great technical support!  I will definitely refer your website as a fundraiser to the other Little Leagues in the area that I interact with."

"We are way beyond expectations for the first year.  The board is blown away on how easy it was to raise that money."

"If you need me to write any recommendations or talk to any of the other leagues up here let me know. It's amazing what we have raised this year."

"I would like to do a 2nd Annual next year!"

"Our experience with 99Pledges was amazing! This was the first year we did online pledging, and we were able to raise 50% more! Brad was really easy and accommodating to work with! We must have had 5% user errors and once we made the contact with the user the 99Pledges, they fixed the problem right away (or tried to troubleshoot the problem). The website seemed very streamlined and clean. We are definitely using them again. We had a comment from a grandmother who works in a school district in Silicon Valley (still using paper pledge forms); excellent compliment! We still used paper pledge forms, this was a supplement, it outreached so many more grandparents, aunts and uncles that we normally would never get a chance to ask. This website contacted me and I looked around, seemed more busy than 99pledges. Definitely worth a shot to with 99pledges!"

"THANK YOU so very much!  I am quite certain that we will use 99Pledges again for our event next year.   Thank you again."

"Thanks.  I will do my best to refer 99Pledges.  It was easy and awesome and a great way to help us fund some much needed equipment."

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