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Add spice to your Fun Run with Color

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Color Run

Are you looking to spice up your Jog-a-thon or Fun Run this year without breaking the bank? How about a do-it-yourself Color Run?

How do Color Runs work?
A typical Color Run course has 5-6 stations set-up with color powder that will be thrown on runners as they race by. 

Here’s what you’ll need at each station:

  • 2-3 volunteers

  • A small table

  • Buckets of color powder. Most schools use one color per station

  • Throwing mechanism: most schools use dixie cups or condiment bottle

  • Water 

How much color do we need?
The idea of your Color Run is to shower your participants with color. The amount of color depends on a number of factors but we recommend the following:

3 Color Stations - 1/2 pound of color per student
4 Color Stations - 3/4 pound of color per student
5 Color Stations - 1 pound of color per student

You may want to order a bit more color if you want to really cover your participants. 

Where do we get color?

You can buy color powder on Amazon in bulk. You can buy 25 pound bags here but there are many more if you search “color run powder”.

Celebrate with a Color Toss
A color toss is a great way to start and end your race. This is when all runners gather together and throw color in the air! 

A great way to increase participation in your fundraising is to let anyone with one donation into the Color Toss.

How do we raise money?
Color Runs are a great way to raise money for your school. Just like a Jog-a-thon or Fun Run, students obtain sponsors for each lap around the track. 

99Pledges can help by giving each student an online pledge page. We helped Crossroads Christian raise over $65K with their Color Run.

Use 99Pledges for FREE - you only cover the standard credit card processing fee of 3.49% + 49 cents per transaction and that's it!

We help you supercharge your Color Run:

  • Substantially increase the amount you raise - reach grandma in Florida easily.

  • Eliminate the work for you and your parents - stop chasing down checks and pledge forms.

  • Accept, track, and report on online, cash, and check donations.

  • We do all the set-up for you. We can go live today.

Here are examples of schools that love us:

Click here to read testimonials from our awesome customers.

Other Tips

The Starting Line - To help with congestion at your color stations, break runners up into “waves” of 25/50/100 participants at a time. Wait about 90 seconds and then release the next wave and so forth. 

The Finish Line - This is where the most photos will be taken. Create your a hashtag for your PTA to share photos back to your event. 

Blowoff Station - Use a leave blower, large fan or floor dryers.

Music - tunes are a must!

Cleaning Up
Clean up is no problem! Simply sweep up as much color as you can.  The remaining color will leave no more than a sidewalk chalk like residue that can be easily washed away with a hose. 

Parents might want to bring towels to place in their cars. Dust the excess powder off clothing and place it in the washing machine. A simple shower will remove the color from skin and hair. 

Do you want to see how simple it is?

Send us a message with your organization name and email, we'll send you a sample campaign OR you can click the button below to create your fundraiser for free!

Color Runs are super fun and simple, and we'll be here every step of the way.

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