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Add spice to your Fun Run with Bubbles
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Are you looking to spice up your Jog-a-thon or Fun Run this year without breaking the bank? How about a do-it-yourself Bubble Fun Run?

How does a Bubble Fun Run work?
A typical Bubble Fun Run course has 2-3 stations set-up that will have bubble machines going as the runners race by.

Here's what you'll need at each station:

  • 1-2 volunteers

  • A small table

  • Bubble machine and bubbles

  • Extension chord

  • Water 

Where do we get the bubble machines?
You can buy great bubble machines on Amazon for under $50. 

How do we raise money?
Bubble Fun Runs are a great way to raise money for your school. Just like a Jog-a-thon, students obtain sponsors for each lap run around the track. 

99Pledges can help by giving each student an online pledge page. We helped Seaside Elementary PTA raise over $38K with their Bubble Run.

Use 99Pledges for FREE - you only cover the standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and that's it!

We help you supercharge your Bubble Fun Run:

  • Substantially increase the amount you raise - reach grandma in Florida easily.

  • Eliminate the work for you and your parents - stop chasing down checks and pledge forms.

  • Accept, track, and report on online, cash, and check donations.

  • We do all the set-up for you. We can go live today.

Here are examples of schools that love us:

Click here to read testimonials from our awesome customers.

The Starting Line - To help with congestion at your bubble stations, break runners up into “waves” of 25/50/100 participants at a time. Wait about 90 seconds and then release the next wave and so forth. 

The Finish Line - This is where the most photos will be taken. Create your a hashtag for your PTA to share photos back to your event. 

Music - tunes are a must!

Do you want to see how simple it is?
Send us a message with your org name and email, and we'll send you a sample campaign.

Bubble Fun Runs are super fun and simple, and we'll be here every step of the way.

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