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VC Academy Experience with 99Pledges
VC Academy Experience with 99Pledges

Hear from the team at VC Academy and they're very successful school fundraiser

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VC Academy Experience with 99Pledges

VC Academy had a very successful fundraiser adapting their annual Jog-a-thon to a virtual Stay-Fit-a-thon.

  • They invited students & families to complete a 20-minute fitness challenge at home.

  • Challenges: Run/Walk/Bike, Jump Rope, Dance Tutorials, Kids Workout, & more.

  • Encouraged families to post pictures and videos on their Facebook School Group page.

Read about the coordinator's experience with us below!

"99Pledges PROs:

1. Has the ability to bulk onboard all the students by an admin

  • This was a BIG WIN for ME!! and was relatively easy to do. Even if I couldn't do it, you guys had someone who was ready to help us out. SO BIG BIG WIN on support!!

  • [If we can't onboard beforehand] this would be a big issue for the admin, since we do not know if all the parents would properly onboard their children (i.e. nick name vs real student name, class room, & etc). [And if I had to manually enter one student at a time, that would take a long time for me.]

2. The main page shows the total amount raised by classroom & top student earner (including comments)

  • This found to be very exciting for our parents / students who were competitive. That is why we raised $75K the first year (2018) we used 99Pledges.

3. Live Support

  • Your support is awesome.. what can say. I am in IT, so I appreciate how quick your response is and how helpful your team is.

4. Perks:

  • Your interface is great where at the end, the students who received per lap pledges were highlighted, so we don't have to enter in all the other students with flat rate donations.

  • Your pre-canned emails were great.. especially the one with the editable link (and parents didn't need to create an account to update their kids pages).

  • You are able to share your page within the email that had the link to edit on Facebook, email, SMS.

  • Your periodic email notifications to parents were great to remind them of the campaign.

  • All payments are received at the end, [making it super easy] to keep track of.

  • Big check sent to us on the amount raised is awesome.

Only Suggestion I would make:

  • Be able to reuse the FQDN (link to our page) every year vs having to pick a new one every year.

One more huge win for me was your ability to perform bulk email notification after students were onboarded or to send emails on updates to the campaign.

TLDR: We love your platform because it is user friendly for the parents and easy to administer and onboard users. Your support is responsive and excellent!! Thank you so much!"

Rating: β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…

- Doreen, VC Academy in California

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