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Basketball Shoot-a-thon 🏀
Basketball Shoot-a-thon 🏀
Raise money for your basketball team or league
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99Pledges has proven itself to be THE BEST WAY for leagues, teams, and high schools to raise the most money with the least effort by players, parents, and coordinators. It doesn’t matter if you’ve done a Shoot-a-thon in the past or not…we can help with all of the details!

Here's how incredibly easy it is:

  1. Each player gets 50 free throws to make successfully.

  2. They ask for per-shot or flat donations from family & friends via their online pledge page.

  3. You hold the event at practice and enter the results, and we send you a check the next day.

Use 99Pledges for FREE - you only cover the standard credit card processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction and that's it!

We help you supercharge your fundraiser:

  • Substantially increase the amount you raise - reach grandma in Florida easily.

  • Eliminate the work for you and your players - stop chasing down checks and pledge forms.

  • Accept, track, and report on online, cash, and check donations.

  • We do all the set-up for you. We can go live today.

Here are examples of teams that love us:

Click here to read testimonials from our awesome customers. 

Do you want to see how simple it is?
Send us a message with your org name and email, and we'll send you a sample campaign.

Shoot-a-thons are super fun and simple, and we'll be here every step of the way.

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