Parent Announcement - Read-a-thon

Sample parent announcement for a Read-a-thon

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Parent Announcement - Read-a-thon

Dear Parents,

This year we are launching a NEW fundraiser that not only supports our school, but also supports each student's personal reading development goal. This fundraiser will be supporting teacher and classroom needs such as technology, books and learning materials, as well as school improvements.

How It Works:

Make a pledge to encourage reading, and raise money for our school. Our Read-a-thon will be based on a school wide reading event on during their homeroom reading time. Students will read or be read to for a total of 60 minutes.ย 

Two Ways to Make a Pledge:ย 

  1. FLAT DONATION - You can sponsor a student with a flat amount. .

  2. PLEDGE PER MINUTE - You can pledge an amount for minutes read. For example, students will be reading 60 minutes on the day of the Read-a-thon. If you sponsored a student for 25 cents, you would owe .25 * 60 minutes = $15.ย 

Your Student's Pledge Page:

In the coming days, you will receive an email with a link to your participant's pledge page. You do not need to login or change anything. Simply make a donation for whatever you can, and share your participant's link with friends and family. We are shooting for 100% participation so no amount is too small.ย 

If you do not receive the email for whatever reason, simply search and find your participant's online pledge page here: {{main campaign page}}

Awards & Giveback:

  • All classes will receive 10% give back to the classroom

  • Participation Prize - to all students who receive a pledge

  • Top Class in each grade - 20% give back to the classroom

  • Top Student in each grade - $25 Amazon gift card (to purchase books)

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